Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Ice cream!

This machine is still on the ‘Iolani school campus after decades. As kids, we used to walk over from Ala Wai Park to Club 100 for ice-cold water to drink. Sometimes we'd venture to the tennis courts at ‘Iolani, where they also had ice-water fountains PLUS this ice-cream machine.

Back then the ice cream was just 25¢, but when the tennis courts were bulldozed to make way for the new science building/football bleachers/parking garage, I thought for sure the ice cream machine was history.

But nope, they never let it go. And so it sits, even though it's out of order for now, right there next to the athletic office and the Father Bray display. Machine's probably 35 years old, but I can't wait to get a creamsicle out of there.

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