Monday, September 3, 2007

25¢ hot dog at Kapiolani Bakery (circa 1978)

What's the big deal about a 25-cent hot dog? It's a huge deal if you're 13 years old, have only 50 cents in your pocket and have a major appetite after riding your Roger DeCosta motorcross bike around town with your friends.

Kapiolani Bakery used to have a location on Piikoi and South King Streets, now occupied by Golden Duck Chinese restaurant. On one end was the bakery entrance. On the other, a hot dog stand. We couldn't understand how or why they'd sell hot dogs so cheaply. Even back in 1978, that was really cheap. We never asked why, though. We just bought one, two, even three or four hot dogs and satisfied our hunger. Looking back, my guess is that they tried to use hot dogs as as lure to bring in families. I know just about every time we stopped there for hot dogs, there were always other people around. Old folks, young people, all kinds, just enjoying the cheap, tasty hot dogs.

The bakery has been long gone from that location, though I think they still have one up at Aiea Shopping Center. I might stop there sometime just to see if they have the same offer nearly 30 years later. Mustard. Ketchup. Relish. That's all I need to enjoy my hot dog. I prefer the dog to be grilled, but for 25¢, who's gonna be picky?

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